DELTA-PROTEKT KL105 - Application and Performance

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Delta Protekt KL105 is used as a base coat for ferrous components processed in a basket or on jigs.

Products processed in a basket by dip-spin:

Bolts, Nuts, Dowels, Clips, Clamps, Tension Springs, Pins, Small Castings as well as other fixing elements for the automotive industry, building industry, Steel construction, and many other industries.

Products processed on jigs by dip-drain or spray:

Larger components such as stampings and pressings, large compression springs, chains guide rails, mounting rails, fixing plates trailer couplings connectors, materials handling components etc.


All the more well-known processes that have no detrimental effect on parts may be used. Delta GBN have facilities for both aqueous and solvent cleaning.


All the more well-known chemical pickling processes can be used unless they are detrimental to the parts in question. Shot blasting can also be used on suitable components.


The corrosion resistance of Delta Protekt KL105 will increase with increasing coating thickness and number of coats, it exhibits a self–healing effect caused by the migration of zinc corrosion products into damaged areas.

Delta Protekt KL105 can be used in areas exposed to heat up to 180°C and is resistant to organic solvents.

Delta Protekt KL105 provides bimetallic corrosion resistance when used on parts assembled to aluminium.

Corrosion resistance*:

Basecoat Topcoat Time

8 µm 0 µm 720h (depending upon the build-up of coats, geometry and type of application)

10 µm 0 µm 960h (depending upon the build-up of coats, geometry and type of application)

* according to DIN EN ISO 9227a