Delta-Tone 9000 Properties

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The outstanding corrosion resistance of Delta-Tone 9000 is derived from various protection mechanisms:

  • Sacrificial cathodic protection
  • Barrier-effect due to zinc and aluminium flake
  • Reaction of binding systems with base
  • Consolidation of Delta-Tone 9000 film under corrosion loading

As a result of these corrosion features Delta-Tone 9000 affords higher corrosion resistance in marine and industrial environments than many other conventional corrosion protection systems with comparable coating thickness/weights.

Coating with Delta-Tone 9000 will not result in hydrogen embrittlement. Since the stoving temperatures are between 200ºC and 220ºC changes in metallurgy are practically excluded. Delta-Tone 9000 has an excellent penetration capacity combined with extremely good substrate surface wetting characteristics so that even components of a complicated geometry such as tension springs may be effectively coated.​