Delta Seal / Delta Seal GZ - Properties

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​Delta Seal / Delta Seal GZ feature the following outstanding properties:

  • Excellent adhesion
  • Hardness combined with flexibility
  • Maximum abrasion strength
  • Good electrical insulation (prevents contact corrosion)
  • Chemical resistant (Acid & Alkali)
  • Excellent Salt Spray resistance (When combined with a sacrificial base coat)
  • Excellent Kesternich test resistant
  • Excellent resistance against mineral oils, fuels, brake fluid etc.

Delta Seal GZ co-efficient of friction (µtot): 0.09-0.14

As with all Delta Products they are applied non-electrolyticaly so removing the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. The low curing temperatures (180-200°C) practically excludes changes in the metallurgy of the parts treated. Delta Seal has an excellent penetration characteristics combined with very good substrate surface wetting properties, so that work pieces with complicated geometry e.g. Torsion spring, can be coated effectively.

Delta Seal / Delta Seal GZ - Properties