DELTA-PROTEKT VH300 - Properties

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Applied over zinc flake coatings these topcoats improve corrosion resistance, delaying the onset of both white and red corrosion.

Provides a barrier protection against chemicals such as acids, bases, cleaners, oil, petrol etc.

GZ variants have an integral lubricant to give controlled coefficients of friction when used on threaded components:

  • VH 301 GZ   coefficients of friction (µtot): 0,09 - 0,14
  • VH 302 GZ   coefficients of friction (µtot): 0,10 - 0,18
  • VH 315 GZ   coefficients of friction (µtot): 0,12 - 0,18

Low curing temperature - 200°C.

DELTA-PROTEKT VH300 - Properties