Delta Seal / Delta Seal GZ - Overview

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Delta®–Seal is used as a top coat for Delta Tone, Delta Protekt KL100, aluminium and electroplated finishes to greatly enhance protection. Overview | Properties | Application and Performance

Delta Seal is an organic microlayer topcoat composed of a highly cross- linked binder system and high quality pigments. The dry film contains no heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium or lead etc. and complies with the requirements of the ELV and RoHS directives.

Delta Seal once cured provides an adhesive, thin, extremely resistant coating and is available in various colours (Silver, Black, Red, Gold, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue).

Delta Seal GZ has all the properties of Delta Seal but with an integral lubricant to ensure a controlled torque/tension relationship when used on threaded components.

"Anyone looking for high corrosion protection can now confidently dispense with Chrome VI"

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